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Actress & spoken word artist Candace Nicholas-Lippman shares her story of family, faith, fear, & freedom--and finds her truth & transformation along the way. Raw, courageous, and intimate, A ROSE CALLED CANDACE shatters expectations of what's possible with a one woman show, delivering a soul-stirring performance that will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired to find your own bloom.

Candace Nicholas Lippman

Kaira Akita

Candace Nicholas-Lippman & Kaira Akita

*60 Minutes with No Intermission.
*Mature Content Not Suitable for Children Under 16.





I've always been told I'm a very "guarded" person when it comes to certain things about my life. But being guarded has always been part of my survival. It’s a defense mechanism because if I don’t let you in to see my most intimate, vulnerable and hurt places, you can’t criticize, judge or formulate opinions about me, my family, my choices/experiences. Being guarded protects me from being hurt.  

But I realized that God did not put me on this earth to just survive. He did not intend for me to live life guarded, bound, or fearful. He came so that I may have freedom. And there is freedom in letting my guard down. There is freedom in sharing my story. I was created to use my pain for art to bring glory to His Name and hope/inspiration to others.

This show is bigger than me. I understand my purpose. Doesn't make this journey less painful or the process any easier; it just makes it have meaning. God put a story in me and it's my duty to share it, to confront it and to grow from it. He put a story in all of us. Our stories are valuable and can change hearts as well as heal our own. Our stories can set us free.

And I just know, that this freedom I so desperately yearn for, is right there waiting for me...waiting for us. It's time I plant my seed. 


Candace Nicholas-Lippman is an actress, spoken word artist, and youth educator with a passion for using her God-given talents to uplift others. Known for her contagious  joy, commanding talent, and a smile that lights up the room, Candace is on the rise as a breakthrough talent in television, film, and theater.

Most recently, Candace understudied in Head of Passes starring Phylicia Rashad at the Mark Taper Forum and was selected out of over 7,000 hopefuls to perform in the 2016 ABC Diversity Showcase for top network executives. On stage, Candace has played notable roles such as Nick Bottom in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and Elizabeth in In The Next Room, which earned her a Scenie Award and an LA Weekly award nomination.

Other stage credits include Tom (Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum Repertory Company); The Fertile River (ACME Theatre);  and several spoken word appearances, including performances with Artists Rise Up, Macy's, Russell Simmons' All Def Poetry, and Towne Street Theatre, the premiere African-American theatre company in Los Angeles.

Candace holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts and Dance from California State University Los Angeles.




It’s been four years since Candace first asked me to direct A ROSE CALLED CANDACE. Over the years, I learned that would take us on a journey of trust, sharing, journaling, workshopping, re-writing on top of re-writing, and ultimately, letting go and letting God. Luckily, I also learned something else very quickly. Candace is one of the most courageous, committed, and anointed artists I have ever met.

This process has been deeply emotional and life has thrown so many curve balls along the way, but Candace never stopped showing up. She has literally fought to take this show from a long, guarded journal entry of a girl stuck in survival mode to a courageous journey of a woman moving through fear and claiming freedom for herself and others.

Collaborating with Candace has been such an intimate and rewarding experience and I’m beyond grateful for the privilege of taking this ride with her. She has given me the ultimate gift as a woman, a writer, and a first-time director; she has given herself the ultimate gift by sharing her story; and now I’m excited for you to receive this gift as well. You are the final piece of this process.

Thank you for joining us as a witness to her expression. And thank God for giving us all A Rose Called Candace. She is, indeed, a woman ready to bloom.


Actress, creator, and founder of COURAGEOUS ENTERTAINMENT, Kaira Akita is a chameleon talent on a mission to birth stories & spaces that help us connect more courageously with ourselves, each other, and the world around us.  She is most recognized for beloved comedic performances in the #1 box office hits Why Did I Get Married and The Family That Preys, along with her starring role in the 2006 Sundance film turned BET's first scripted series Somebodies

She is also the recipient of a NAACP Theatre Award for Best Supporting Female and a Thumbs Up Award at Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival, where the late, great critic hailed her "a natural and a star." 


Most recently, recently  she recurred in the final two seasons of Being Mary Jane on BET, co-starred in Lee Daniel's Star on FOX, and directed & starred in the award-winning digital series Everything I Did Wrong in My 20s.

Born in Washington DC and raised in Germany, Kaira started her creative career in Atlanta and now lives in Los Angeles where she thrives out front and behind the scenes at the intersection of storytelling, style, and serving culture.








Fri + Sat 8pm
Sun 3pm


The Actors Company
916 A N Formosa Ave
Los Angeles, CA



2pm + 8pm

Two Roads Theatre
4348 Tujunga Ave.
Studio City, CA 


audience Reviews


An inspiring and brave piece of theatre.

--Andrew Lynford, Center Theatre Group


Inspiring and beautiful. It is so vulnerable and raw and thank you for sharing your journey. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

--Aaron Testa, ABC Casting Coordinator


When my roommate asked if I wanted to see his friend’s one woman show I couldn’t have rolled my eyes harder. But he said I’d like it and I didn’t come up with an excuse quick enough and so today I sat in a small theater in Hollywood, dreading the next sixty minutes and plotting my post-show burrito. An hour later, I couldn’t speak - this show destroyed me. I wept and laughed and then wept some more. I have never experienced an energy quite like Candace Nicholas Lippman’s; she pierced my soul with her truth in ways I didn’t know I needed, and I’m so, so glad I couldn’t think quick enough to flake out on one of the best performances I’ve seen in a long time. She plans to take this show on tour and when it comes to your city, you need to go. The best art changes how you see the world, and every single person left that tiny theater with new eyes today. Thank you Candace for sharing your story and blowing my mind so hard I forgot all about my burrito.

--Travis Grossi, Writer/Comedian


Amazing! Game changer! I was so moved by the sheer authenticity of this work of art! Kudos, Candace and Kaira! #ARoseCalledCandace.

--Maria Howell, Actress/Singer


I think in five years time, many of us who were in the audience on 1-28-18 will be able to say, “we knew her when…” This is a beautiful, heartbreaking, life-affirming piece of theater which should not be missed by ANYONE.

--Jan Munroe, Actor/Writer


It doesn’t matter what you believe in, you will be moved. This is a story of faith and love. Period.

--Joy C. Hooper, Actress/Coach


POWERFUL show! From beginning to end, Candace pulls the audience into the story and doesn’t drop them for even a second. I was hooked; this woman who I know through acting class as a bubbly, warm and energetic person now I was getting to know the person behind all of that. And I couldn’t have been more grateful to you for allowing me to witness your light. From a storytelling perspective...masterful direction from Kaira Akita. If this was your first time directing Kaira, it better not be your last! Excited to see this show grow, you better believe I’ll be there for the next one!

--Shaan Dasani, Actor/Filmmaker


Brilliant. Original. Stellar performance. It's not just entertainment, it's ministry. Definitely a must see!

--Frexinet Johnson, Actor/Poet/Rapper












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